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NEET/JEE is indeed one of the most difficult entrance examinations but you can make it half as much tough by seeking coaching from our NEET/JEE faculties. Our NEET/JEE faculties are well versed with their respective subjects and use innovative teaching techniques to make learning easy and interesting. Now join our NEET Online Coaching  Best Faculties.

Physics Expert

Kiran Patel (KKP Sir)

Faculty introduction

KIRAN PATEL Sir is probably the best physics faculty for a highly difficult subject like physics. He has immense experience and a unique methodology of teaching physics in a way that students can easily understand the complex aspects of Physics. KP sir has more than 15 years experience in physics teaching. He is highly committed to students and he keeps on developing innovative methods for teaching. Testimonials of his past students are a proof of his deep knowledge of physics and practical ways of teaching.

Here at SCIENCEEDUCARE, he pioneered the idea of online platform. The study material and online tests are fully prepared by him covering all the topics for JEE /NEET Physics. He wants to extend a helping hand to the needful students by providing online coaching which is accessible from anywhere anytime and that too without paying a penny. As a part of SCIENCEEDUCARE’s vision in  the age of digitalisation, he wants to provide free online coaching to students in all the corners of the Gujarat.

 The topics on this platform are divided according to JEE/NEET pattern so that each student can choose it as per his academic needs. He assures that SCIENCEEDUCARE is a one stop solution for all the material and difficulties for JEE and NEET Physics.


Physics faculty for NEET, JEE, CBSE & Board level.

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Message to Student

One will not be able to solve questions of physics just by memorizing the formulae. Imagination and thinking about nature and physical world is the central process to learn Physics. Interesting theories and laws of Physics are basically laws of Nature which describes the working processes of natural phenomena. I want to provide deep knowledge of physics right from the basics to highly complex concepts. My aim is overall development of my students. Along with these I also want to develop ethical & moral qualities in my students to make them better citizens.

Chemistry Expert



Chintan SIR (CP Sir) hold M.Sc. in Chemistry along with a Bachelor’s in education. He is a highly regarded chemistry faculty in online as well as offline classroom teaching  in Gandhinagar. He has overall teaching experience of 12 years. Now, he has joined SCIENCEEDUCARE as a expert Chemistry faculty .He assures to make chemistry learning a fun process for students. The teaching atmosphere and methods are so unique that students will always be eager to learn and to apply the chemical concepts in his sessions. He prepared the chemistry study material and test papers as per the NEET pattern for SCIENCEEDUCARE.


Chemistry for NEET,CBSE & Board level.

Introduction Video

Message to Student

Students, chemistry is an important and scoring subject for securing good marks in NEET. Chemistry is easy to understand but there is a lack  of proper understanding of the chemical concepts. I can make chemistry learning very easy and interesting by providing practical approach of problem solving as required in NEET exam.

Biology Expert

Naman Trivedi (NT Sir)

Career Highlights

Naman Trivedi Sir is a complete NEET–Biology expert with his varied educational background Probably, he is the only faculty who is  equally well versed in teaching Biology in Gujarati as well as in English language . He holds a long set of educational qualifications with post graduation degree in Biotechnology , Diploma in Bioinformatics and to add on he also has a post graduate management degree & a bachelor in education. Currently, he is also pursuing a Master’s degree in education which is about to get completed. He also has a research publication to his name. He  has worked with premier coaching institutes like Aakash ,Parth ashram and with various schools. He owns Darwin classes at Himmatnagar and at Gandhinagar he is a part of SCIENCEEDUCARE team. Also, he had co-authored a book for NEET-Biology . He has a very different logical mindset when it comes to teaching Biology in classroom sessions. The success stories of his students are well known in the northern part of Gujarat.He has provided all the questions and study material for free for SCIENCEEDUCARE online platform as per NEET Biology pattern.

.Biology for NEET,CBSE,ISC & Board level.

Message to Student

Biology is the most important subject if one has to qualify NEET with good marks as it has got maximum share in the exam paper. I would also believe that Biology is a subject of understanding rather than mugging it up as traditionally believed by students, in fact it needs maximum understanding of all the basic sciences. I can assure the success in NEET if a student prepares systematically as per my teaching sessions.

Praful Joshi

Career Highlights


Praful Joshi Sir is a expert in Chemistry subject. He holds a master’s degree in Chemistry and he has more than 10 years of teaching experience at Gandhinagar. He has worked with premier institute Allen and with many other schools as a NEET Chemistry faculty. He is also a experienced management professional in setting up online educational platforms as well as in managing such digital initiatives. As a part of  SCIENCEEDUCARE team, he has played dual role in being one of the subject expert as well as that of the website manager. He is a guiding light along with KP Sir for this study website.

chemistry for NEET,CBSE,ISC & Board level.

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